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The Poppy Umbrella

The idea for our unique Poppy Umbrella was conceived in Ieper/Ypres on 11 November 1995. This aim of this special umbrella is to spread the word of Remembrance, in sunshine or in rain, and to raise funds for Service related charities.

Hear Last Post

The Menin Gate Memorial to the Missing, where Last Post is played each evening at 20.00 hrs.Every evening at 20.00 hours the Last Post is sounded at the Menin Gate Memorial to the Missing in Ieper/Ypres, Belgium. Find out about this special and very moving ceremony and listen to a recording of Last Post and Reveille as played under this famous memorial.

In Flanders Fields

"In Flanders Fields the poppies blow, Between the crosses row on row..." The lines of this poem are often quoted in connection with Remembrance. Read the story of how the Canadian doctor, John McCrae, was inspired to write the poem one evening near Ypres in May 1915 during the Second Battle of Ypres.

Armistice Day in Ieper

Standards on parade at the Menin Gate Memorial to the Missing.11 November, Armistice Day, in Belgium is a national holiday. Official ceremonies are held in Ieper/Ypres each year at St. George's Memorial Church and the Menin Gate Memorial to the Missing.

BBC Commemorates 90th Anniversary of the Armistice

A campaign by the BBC entitled 1918-2008: Ninety Years of Remembrance featuring documentaries, drama and live events. For details of programmes and more information go to

Flanders Memorial Poppy

Read about Moina Michael, the American woman who was the first to conceive the idea of wearing a red poppy as a symbol of Remembrance in November 1918.

Gardens of Remembrance

Avenues of trees at the National Memorial Arboretum © National Memorial Arboretum in Alrewas, Staffordshire, England, is a site which has been created as a living tribute to the personal sacrifices made my the armed and civil sercices of the United Kingdom.

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