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Trench Maps

Section from British trench map 28NW4NE3, showing Hooge on the Menin Road, Railway Wood and Chateau Wood. Trench lines marked in red are German.Map Collections

  • Imperial War Museum map collection
  • National Archives map collection. Search the Catalogue for trench maps in the Maps and Plans War Office (WO series) collection starting from catalogue reference WO 153/1.

Trench Map Reproductions

Section from British trench map 28NW4 dated July 1918, showing Ypres.Publications

  • Trench Maps - A Collector's Guide by Peter Chasseaud FRGS, Mapbooks, 1986, ISBN 0-9512080-0-4 (out of print)
  • Topography of Armageddon: A British Trench Map Atlas of the Western Front, by Peter Chasseaud, FRGS, ISBN 184342200X. 190 full-page photographically reproduced trench maps (black & white) from the author's collection.
  • Artillery's Astrologers - A History of British Survey and Mapping on the Western Front, by Peter Chasseaud, FRGS, Mapbooks 1999, ISBN 1843421992

Modern Road & Walking Maps

Modern maps of the Belgian and French battlefield regions are usually available from map stockists in the UK. Tourist Offices sell maps for the relevant area. Some of the large French supermarkets sell IGN maps for the relevant region.

Michelin 1/200 000 - 1cm:2km

No. 51: Calais, Lille, Bruxelles

No. 52: Le Havre, Dieppe, Amiens

No. 56: Reims

No. 62: Nancy

No. 87: Vosges, Alsace

Belgium: IGN 1:50 000 (Ypres Salient battlefield region)

No. 19-20: Roesleare

No. 27-28-36: Ieper

Belgium: 1:50 000 (Ypres Salient battlefield region)

No. 2: Westhoek Zuid (south) - Walking routes in West Flanders.

Belgium: IGN 1:20 000 (Ypres Salient battlefield region)

No. 28 1-2: Poperinge-Ieper

No. 28 3-4: Zonnebeke-Moorslede

No. 28 5-6: Heuvelland-Mesen (Messines)

France: IGN Série Verte (Green) - 1:100 000 1cm:1km

Visit the IGN website (French) to click on the region you are interested in, e.g. Picardie. The most popular maps are grouped in a list by scale.

No. 2: Dunkerque, Lille

No. 4: Arras, Laon

No. 9: Paris, Reims

No. 10: Reims, Verdun

No. 23: Nancy, Epinal

No 31: St Dié, Mulhouse

France: IGN Série Bleu - 1:25 000 1cm:250m

Visit the IGN website (French) to click on the region you are interested in, e.g. Picardie. The most popular maps are grouped in a list by scale.

Map of British War Graves & Memorials In France & Belgium

  • Road Atlas: Cemeteries and Memorials in Belgium and Northern France. A new compact road atlas covering the areas of the densest population of war cemeteries in Belgium and northern France including Normandy. This is produced by the Commonwealth War Graves Commission in association with Michelin. The Michelin road maps in the 1:200 000 scale series are overprinted to show the location of each Commonwealth cemetery and memorial. For information on this atlas and other publications available from the Commonwealth War Graves Commission, prices and methods of payment visit Commonwealth War Graves Commission Publications - Items for Sale . This Road Atlas is also available to buy from the Tourist Office shop in Ieper (Ypres), Belgium, and the Thiepval Visitor Centre, Somme, France.

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