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Monument to the French Casualties of the Gas Attack, 22 April 1915

The monument is situated behind the French front line held by the 87th Territorial Division on 22 April 1915 on the Langemarck-Boezinge road, about 1 kilometre west of Pilkem. The memorial commemorates French troops killed and wounded in the German gas attack on 22 April 1915 and is a memorial to the French troops who fought in the Second Battle of Ypres.


Monument to French troops attacked with gas on 22 April 1915  © monument is located approximately one kilometre south-west of Langemark on the north side of the Langemark-Boezinge road, approximately 1 kilometre west of Pilkem.

Saint-Charles-de-Potyze (1914-18)

The cemetery was created during the First World War and redeveloped in 1920, 1922 and from 1925-1929, when French soldiers were exhumed and brought here as a final resting place from the Flanders Front, the Yser river region and the Belgian coast.

There are 3,547 named military dead including the remains of 609 soldiers in the ossuary.

The cemetery is 29,900 square metres in size.


Saint-Charles-de-Potyze French Military Cemetery, Ypres Salient  © cemetery is located on the east side of the N332 Potijze-Zonnebeke road, approximately 1.5 kilometres from Potijze village.

Le Mont-Kemmel (1914-18)

The cemetery was created in 1922 and contains 5,237 unknown French soldiers and 57 identified French soldiers in an ossuary.

The cemetery was redeveloped in 1924 and 1932, when the unknown dead previously buried in Saint-Charles-de-Potyze French military cemetery were reinterred here. In the years 1961-1962 and 1986-1989 the cemetery was renovated.

The French flag flies on the left of the photograph, the Belgian flag flies on the right.

French ossuary at Mont-Kemmel (Kemmelberg) © cemetery is 2,050 square metres in size.


The ossuary is located on the western slope of the Kemmelberg (Mont Kemmel) on the lane leading to/from the summit.

Mémorial aux Soldats Français 1914-1918

The memorial is located close to the summit of Kemmelberg (Mont Kemmel). It commemorates the French units engaged in combat in the battles for Mont Kemmel between 15 to 30 April 1918.


Monument to the French units fighting on Mont Kemmel 15-30 April 1918 © memorial is located in a glade of trees on the east side of the lane which crosses over the summit of the Kemmelberg (Mont Kemmel). Follow signs to the summit from Kemmel.


Atlas des Nécropoles Nationales, Ministère des Anciens Combattants et Victimes de Guerre

Copyright Joanna Legg & Graham Parker 2002 All rights reserved

Location of Saint-Charles-de-Potyze French military cemetery Location of Le Mont-Kemmel ossuary Location of the Mémorial aux Soldats Français, 15-30 April 1918