Sights to See in Ieper/Ypres

This page provides a listing and location of sights and places to visit in the city of Ieper/Ypres, many of which have a First World War interest.

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Heritage Walking Tour rivet in the pavement, Ieper/Ypres.
Heritage Walking Tour rivet, Ieper/Ypres.

Guided Walks of Ieper

Information, maps and leaflets for self-guided walks around the town by map or walking tours with a guide is available from the Ieper Tourist Office. Two key routes are signposted or marked out for visitors: the Ramparts Route and the Heritage Route. The Heritage Route is marked on the pavements by a series of bronze rivets.

The Ieper Tourist Office website for more:

Website: Walking in Ypres


Vesting Ieper, Wandeling in een historisch landschaap, Lieven Stubbe, Dominiek Dendooven, Johan Termote, Philippe Vanderghote

The Reconstruction of Ieper: A Walk Through History, by Dominiek Dendooven and Jan Dewilde

Ieper in oude prentkaarten, by D Masure

Ieper La Carte - de Ieperse Vestinginen in Kaart Gebracht, von Ann Vanrolleghem