Three Taverns: ’t Klein Stadhuis, Den Anker, De Trompet

Before the First World War arrived at Ypres the three buildings on the north-west corner of the Grote Markt, immediately adjacent to the Cloth Hall Nieuwerck, were taverns named Het Klein Stadhuis, den Anker and de Trompet. They were built in the renaissance style of the 1600s.

Three Taverns Reconstructed

Three taverns on the Grote Markt.
Het Klein Stadhuis, Den Anker and De Trompet taverns, Grote Markt, Ieper/Ypres

In the post-war reconstruction of the town these buildings were reproduced as a close likeness to their original exteriors by the architect Frans Van Hove.

Each building is still a tavern and café, and a popular place for visitors to sit with a coffee or beer and watch the world go by on the Grote Markt.

Location of the Three Taverns

The three taverns are located in the north-west corner of the Grote Markt, next to the Cloth Hall (Lakenhalle).

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The reconstructed Kasselrij building.
The Kasselrij Building in Ieper/Ypres.

The Kasselrij building on the north side of the market square was reconstructed after the war.

The Kasselrij


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