Ypres Salient Battles 1917

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Book - Pillars of Fire

Pillars of Fire: The Battle of Messines Ridge, June 1917 (paperback)

by Ian Passingham

A detailed account of the successful British Battle of Messines in June 1917 told from the British, ANZAC and German perspectives. Includes illustrations and maps. Revised and reprinted in 2012.

Book - Messines Ridge

Messines Ridge: Ypres (Battleground Europe Series) (paperback)

by Peter Oldham

An account of the Battle of Messines in June 1917 in the highly acclaimed Battleground Europe series of guidebooks. Illustration, maps, and information on what you can see on the battlefield today.

Book - They Called it Passchendaele

They Called it Passchendaele: The Story of the Battle of Ypres and of the Men Who Fought in it (paperback)

by Lyn MacDonald

Originally published in the 1990s this highly acclaimed account of the Third Battle of Ypres (Battle of Passchendaele) tells the story from the perspective of the men who fought it.

Book - Ypres 1917

Ypres 1917 (hardback)

by Norman Gladden

A fascinating personal account by Norman Gladden who served with the Northumberland Fusiliers during the Third Battle of Ypres in 1917.

Book - The German Army at Passchendaele

The German Army at Passchendaele (hardcover)

by Jack Sheldon

An account of the German Army's experience of its defence against the British offensive of the Third Battle of Ypres in the summer and autumn of 1917. Using German archive material Jack Sheldon provides the perspective of events from the German side.

Related Film

Cover of Beneath Hill 60 DVD

Beneath Hill 60 (DVD)

from the book by Will Davies, starring Steve le Marquand, Chris Haywood. Directed by Jeremy Sims.

The amazing true story of the men in the 1st Australian Tunneling Company, which dug the mine destined as one of the 19 huge mines to be exploded under Hill 60 at the start of the Battle of Messines in the early morning of 7 June 1917. Momentum Pictures Home Entertainment. DVD release date: 11 Oct 2010.

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Tyne Cot Memorial to the Missing, Zonnebeke

Memorial wall at Tyne Cot Cemetery.
Memorial wall at Tyne Cot Cemetery, Ypres Salient.

The Memorial to the Missing at Tyne Cot Cemetery bears the names of 34,925 United Kingdom and New Zealand soldiers missing in action and presumed killed on and after 16 August 1917.

Tyne Cot Memorial to the Missing

Tyne Cot Cemetery, Zonnebeke

Aerial view of Tyne Cot Cemetery.
Aerial view of Tyne Cot Cemetery.

11,956 graves of Commonwealth servicemen are located in Tyne Cot Cemetery. It is the largest British and Commonwealth cemetery in the world. Of these graves 3,588 are identified.

Tyne Cot Cemetery

Langemark German Military Cemetery

Langemark German Cemetery.
Langemark German cemetery.

Over 44,000 German soldiers are buried in this cemetery, many of whom died during the Third Battle of Ypres.

Langemark German Military Cemetery

Memorial Museum Passchendaele 1917

Located in the chateau at Zonnebeke village, the museum tells the story of the First World War in the Ypres Salient with special emphasis on the Battle of Passchendaele 1917.

Memorial Museum Passchendaele 1917


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