Organizations for WW1 Remembrance, Research & Education

War Grave Agencies

The American Battle Monuments Commission

Monument at St. Mihiel U.S. military cemetery, France.

Military Forces of the United States of America

The American Battle Monuments Commission was established by an act of Congress in March 1923 to construct and maintain memorials in the United States and in foreign countries where U.S. armed forces have served since 6 April 1917.

American Battle Monuments Commission

Belgian Military Graves

Military Forces of Belgium

Grave in the Belgian military cemetery at Houthulst Forest on the Ypres Salient battlefields, Belgium.

The Belgian Ministry of Defence is responsible for the care and maintenance of Belgian military graves. A database of the records of Belgian war dead is held at the Dokumentatiecentrum at the In Flanders Fields Museum in Ieper (Ypres).

Dokumentatiecentrum at In Flanders Fields Museum

Commissariato Generale

Italian grave at Houthulst Forest

Military Forces of Italy

The Italian war graves agency was founded in 1919.

Commissariato Generale

Commonwealth War Graves Commission

Bedford House Cemetery near Ypres in Belgium.

Military Forces of the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, India, New Zealand, South Africa

The Commonwealth War Graves Commission is responsible for 1.7 million graves and memorials thoughout the world. It records and maintains the graves and memorials of members of the Commonwealth countries who died in both World War One (WW1) and World War Two (WWII). The organization also has extensive records of where the cemeteries and memorials are and who is buried or mentioned in them.

Commonwealth War Graves Commission

Ministère des Pensions

The west gate at Notre Dame de Lorette French Military cemetery near Arras, France.

Military Forces of France

Le Ministère des Pensions is the French war graves agency which cares for the French military cemeteries from the 1914-1918 war to the present day. There are 265 cemeteries in France classed as “nécropoles nationales” - national cemeteries - for those who have died for France, “Mort pour la France”.

Ministère des Pensions

Office of Australian War Graves (OAWG)

Badge on the Le Hamel Memorial, Somme

The organization of the OAWG is within the Department of Veterans Affairs. With regard to the commemoration of those who served their country, the OAWG has three roles, these being:

Website: OAWG Contacts

Volksbund Deutsche Kriegsgräberfürsorge (VDK)

Military Forces of Germany

Basalt lava crosses and statue at Langemark German Military Cemetery, Langemark, Belgium.

The work of the Volksbund or VDK is officially carried out on behalf of the German government although the Volksbund is still funded by donations from the German people and the members of the association.

Volksbund Deutsche Kriegsgräberfürsorge (VDK)

Associations & Societies

Cecil Healy Association

Australian Olympian Cecil Healy was mortally wounded in action on 29 August 1918. He is buried in Assevillers New British Cemetery near Péronne, France. For information about the Cecil Healy Association visit the website:


Telephone: +33 3 22 85 91 38

Cross & Cockade International

The role of Cross & Cockade is a First World War Aviation Society. It exists to provide information and support research into aviation of the First World War, and the period immediately before and after it. Registered UK charity no. 1117741. See the website for information about meetings, the journal, the forum, research tools and more:


Digger Côte 160

Founded in May 2001. The association is a group of people who originate from the village of Pozières on the Somme battlefield. The aims of the association are to remember the soldiers who disappeared during the battle of Pozières and to promote relations between Pozières and Australia.


Families & Friends of the First AIF (FFFAIF)

logo for FFFAIF

An association “Dedicated to Digger Heritage”, preserving the memory of all those who fought with the Australian Imperial Force in 1914-1918.

Families & Friends of the First AIF (FFFAIF)

Friends of the Somme

The Friends of the Somme supports the work carried out by The Somme Association. This is an association established to preserve the memory of the Irishmen and women who served in the First World War. For contact details see our page about The Somme Association:

The Somme Association

The Gallipoli Association

Formed by a veteran of the 1915 campaign in the Dardanelles to further the Remembrance of the men who fought in it.

The Gallipoli Association

Last Post Association

Last Post Association logo.

The Last Post Association is responsible for arranging and sounding the daily ceremony of Last Post at the Menin Gate Memorial in Ieper (Ypres), Belgium.

Last Post Association

Loos, Sur les traces de la Grande Guerre

This is an association formed in 1992 by local people in the town of Loos-en-Gohelle near Lens. The association endeavours to protect and preserve the heritage of the Great War in the Loos area, to educate present and future generations, and to remember all those of all nations who fought in the 1914-1918 battles in this place. A regular newsletter entitled “L'Echo des tranchées” is available free to download via the Museum Alexandre Villedieu website or by email subscription.

To learn more about the association, the newsletter and find out how to become a member you can visit the Museum Alexandre Villedieu website:



An extensive website including 1914-1918 naval operations by Gordon Smith, dedicated to his father and grandfather.

Website: 1914-1918

The Navy Records Society

Founded in 1893. The Society publishes, in print and online, rare and original documents about naval history. Visit the website to find out more:


The Not Forgotten Association, London

The Not Forgotten Association logo

A charity founded in 1920 to offer leisure and entertainment opportunities for First World War Service and ex-Service men and women who had been injured in the line of duty. The Not Forgotten Association still provides support in the same way for men and women who suffer injury or disability during or after their Service in the Royal Navy, Army and Royal Air Force.

The Not Forgotten Association

Over the Front

Founded by the League of World War One Aviation Historians to accumulate, preserve and publish data about aerial activity of World War I.

Over The Front

Royal British Legion

Providing lifelong support for the Armed Forces community, eduational resources and pilgrimage tours.


Royal British Legion - The Somme Branch

The Royal British Legion Somme Branch (Registered Charity No. 219279) is based on the Somme battlefields. Membership of the branch is open to all within the eligibility guidelines of Royal British Legion membership.

For information about the branch, its activities and membership visit the branch website at:


Siegfried Sassoon Fellowship

The Siegfried Sassoon Fellowship was formed in 2001. A range of events take place each year, organized by the Fellowship to honour, study and remember him. There is an annual conference, opportunities to join tours to visit the battlefields where he fought, a bi-annual publication called Siegfried's Journal.

For information about the Siegfried Sassoon Fellowship and how to join as a member see the website at:


The Somme Association

The Somme Association was formed in 1994 to manage the Ulster Memorial Tower Somme battlefield memorial and Visitors Centre there. It is based at the Somme Heritage Centre near Belfast and carries out research to preserve the memory of the Irishmen and women who served in the First World War. For more information about the Somme Association see:

The Somme Association

Souvenir Français

A national French organisation established in 1887 as a guardian of the memory of French military personnel who have fought and fallen in battle. There are branches throughout France. See the website to find out more about le Souvenir Français:


War Memorials Trust

WW1 Memorial to D M Harris, RNVR, in Wolverhampton

The War Memorials Trust protects and conserves over 100,000 war memorials in the United Kingdom. The Trust is a charity, relying on grants, donations and volunteers to carry out the necessary work of preserving many hundreds of memorials to both military and civilian individuals. Without this work and care many war memorials across the United Kingdom will be in danger of falling into disrepair, may be damaged and forgotten. For more information about the work of the War Memorials Trust, its education programme and how you can help see our information page and links to the organization at:

War Memorials Trust

War Poets Association

The War Poets Association focuses on the life and work in the historical context of the experience of war from 1914. Work by poets of all nationalities is studied. For membership details, events and biographical information about war poets and their work see the website at:


Wenches in Trenches

A group of ladies, many of whom are nurses or ex-nurses, aiming to raise money for memorials to nurses in the First World War.


The Western Front Association (WFA)

logo of The Western Front Association

The Association aims to further interest in the period 1914-1918, to perpetuate the memory, courage and comradeship of those of all sides who served their countries in France and Flanders and their own countries during the Great War.

The Western Front Association (WFA)

The Wilfred Owen Association

The Wilfred Owen Association was established in 1989. It exists to commemorate the life and work as one of the great English war poets.


The World War One Historical Association (US)

The WW1HA was established in 2011 by the merger of The Great War Society (US) and The Western Front Association U.S. Branch. It provides members with two regular publications, a free e-newsletter, meetings, an annual seminar and tours from the United States to the Western Front battlefields.

The World War One Historical Association

Living History

10th Essex Living WW1 History Group


Flanders Jocks

A Living History group based in Belgium remembering the Scottish regiments.


The Great War Society (UK)

The Society is a Living History group with the aim to provide an opportunity for practical research into uniforms, weapons, equipment and training of Great War soldiers from Armies of the Allies and Central powers.

The Great War Society

Khaki Devil

A company founded by collectors of equipment and uniforms which provides First and Second World War historical advice, props and locations for film and television.

Khaki Devil

The Royal Warwickshire Regiment 1914-1918 Living History Group

The Royal Warwickshire Regiment 1914-1918 Living History Group is dedicated to the memory of the soldier of the Great War of 1914-1918, specifically portraying the Royal Warwickshire soldier from 1914-1918.

The Royal Warwickshire Regiment 1914-1918

Time Bandits: Bringing History to Life

Experienced Living History historical interpreters and reenactors in costume. Based in the North East of England the team offers sessions on WW1 themes for schools, museums or private groups.

See our page at:

Time Bandits: Bringing History to Life

Yeoman: Living History & Theatre in Education 1914-1918

This is a well-established, experienced group which offers education and portrayal of the role of the British Territorial Cavalry, called the Yeomanry, during the First World War. The lives of the men in the Territorial Cavalry and the horses they rode are portrayed by the group by means of displays and educational activities, theatre and television work. The work of women who volunteered to serve at the Front in the Great War is also a key feature of the study by this group.

For information about the Yeoman (10th Essex Yeomanry) Living History Group see their website at:


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Poppies growing near Connaught Cemetery on the Somme battlefield, France.
Poppies on the Somme battlefield, France.

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