World War One Historical Association (WW1HA)

The WW1HA was formed by the merger of The Great War Society and The Western Front Association U.S. Branch in 2011.

The Association is a non-profit organization. It aims to encourage discussion, learning, scholarship and independent research on the events surrounding the First World War.

The Association has a number of activities for members and non-members to participate and learn from:

Chapters of the Association are active in the following areas:

Join the World War One Historical Association

Membership is by annual subscription.

Members receive a quarterly publication entitled “The Journal” and “Cameraderie” which is published three times in the year.

There is a free online e-newsletter available by request to non-members called “St. Mihiel Trip-Wire” edited by Michael Hanlon.

For further information about the WW1HA go to the website at:


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