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The Poppy Umbrella
The Poppy Umbrella Standard Roma style

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The family behind also founded The Poppy Umbrella in 1998. This unique umbrella was inspired by the bright red Flanders poppy.

The idea at the heart of this unique umbrella relates to our 30 years of study of the 1914-1918 Western Front, and our aim to “Remember” all those whose lives were affected or cut short by the Great War. Twenty members of our family served in the British Army, the Royal Flying Corps and the Royal Air Force during the First World War. Five did not return home and are buried in France.

A Gift to Remember

Available in a range of popular styles this unique umbrella is truly a “Gift to Remember”. It can be used all year round throughout the seasons to give shelter from the rain and shade from the sun.

Poppy Umbrella: Telescopic Minilite Style

Telescopic Minilite Poppy Umbrella

A handy folding umbrella, light and easy to carry for everyday use.

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Buy from our website at Telescopic Style Minilte Poppy Umbrella

Poppy Umbrella: Transparent Birdcage Style

Transparent Birdcage Style Poppy Umbrella

A fashionable transparent dome-style umbrella.

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Buy from our website at Transparent Style Birdcage Poppy Umbrella

Poppy Umbrella: Standard Roma Style

Standard Roma Poppy Umbrella

This traditional style umbrella will add a vivid splash of colour on a wet day.

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Buy from our website at Standard Style Roma Poppy Umbrella

Poppy Umbrella: Golf Style

Golf Poppy Umbrella

A large umbrella, ideal for outdoor activities like golfing or walking.

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Buy from our website at Golf Style Poppy Umbrella

The Poppy Umbrella by Rembrella

Rembrella Ltd logo

The Poppy Umbrella is manufactured and distributed exclusively by the family behind this website of We administer The Poppy Umbrella under the company name of Rembrella Limited.

Our Donation to a Service-related Charity

logo for the Not Forgotten Association

Each year we sell a number of Poppy Umbrellas direct to the public by mail order from our Rembrella Ltd. website. Each umbrella sold includes a donation of 50p to a military-related charity of our choice.

From April 2013 we have been donating to The Not Forgotten Association, a Tri-Service charity founded soon after the First World War in support of injured Servicemen and women. Today this charity continues to provide leisure and entertainment opportunities for men and women who have been injured whilst serving with the United Kingdom's military forces.

To find out more about The Not Forgotten Association see our page at:

The Not Forgotten Association

You can also make a donation directly to The Not Forgotten Association at:


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The sales we make direct to the public from our mail order website support Rembrella Ltd. to be able to provide The Poppy Umbrella on demand, in small quantities and at the lowest cost for numerous charitable and not-for-profit Service-related organizations. As an ex-military family we are very proud that The Poppy Umbrella is helping to support the good work of numerous military heritage, welfare and educational organizations

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Our website: Poppy Umbrella Products: A Gift to Remember

Rembrella Ltd.

Postal address: Rembrella Limited, 12 Oak Ash Green, Wilton, Salisbury SP2 0RR, England

Company No. 6072644

Telephone: 01344 - 989 802 (international +44 - 1344 - 989 802)



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