The Poppy Umbrella

The Poppy Umbrella
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The family behind designed and launched The Poppy Umbrella in 1998. The umbrella is made by the internationally renowned umbrella manufacturer A. Fulton Co. Ltd. on our behalf. We are the official sole distributor under the company name of Rembrella Limited.

The idea at the heart of this unique umbrella was inspired by the bright red Flanders poppy. For 40 years we have studied and guided visitors on the 1914-1918 Western Front in Belgium and France. Twenty members of our family served in the British Army, the Royal Flying Corps and the Royal Air Force during the First World War.

We supply The Poppy Umbrella to a number of gift and online shops trading for military related welfare charities, not-for-profit and heritage organizations. As an ex-military family we are proud that sales of The Poppy Umbrella from these shops have helped to support their good work over the past twenty years.

Where to Buy The Poppy Umbrella

The Poppy Umbrella Standard Roma style

This eye-catching umbrella is available in a range of frame styles from a number of gift and online shops which trade on behalf of charities, museums and heritage centres.

Visit our sister website at Rembrella to see The Poppy Umbrella styles and where to buy one:

Website: Poppy Umbrella Gift & Online Shops

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