Shopping In and Around Ieper (Ypres)

Belgian chocolates.

In recent years Ieper has become a focal point for many thousands of people on a visit to the First World War battlefields of the Ypres Salient. In addition to the many general and specialist shops catering for the requirements of the local community, there are numerous shops selling books, postcards and souvenirs of the city and its historical heritage.

The Westhoek region in this part of Belgium is, however, not only well-known for it's First World War past, but it is a region rich in gastronomic delights, namely its chocolates, cheese and beer. Very few visitors to Ieper leave the city without buying a gift of Belgian chocolates.

Ieper's Shopping Streets

One of the shopping streets, the Rijselsestraat, which leads to the Grote Markt and the Cloth Hall.
The Rijselsestraat in Ypres.

There are three main streets in Ieper which have a variety of shops and boutiques. These are:

Each of these streets are in the centre of the town and are easily accessible from the Grote Markt (market place).

Books and Souvenirs

Shops and cafés on the south side of the Grote Markt (market place). The Menin Gate Memorial can be seen at the end of the Meensestraat on the far left of the photograph.
Shops and cafes on the Grote Markt in Ypres.

The British Grenadier Bookshop

Located on the Meensestraat between the Grote Markt and the Menin Gate Memorial.

Telephone: +32 (0)57 214 657



Visitor Centre for Ypres and the Westhoek Bookshop

The Visitor Centre in the Cloth Hall sells an excellent range of books, maps, cards and items related to the memory of the Great War of 1914-1918.

Telephone +32 (0)57/ 239 220


Websites: or or

Over the Top Tours Bookshop

This bookshop is situated in the Meensestraat between the Grote Markt and the Menin Gate Memorial. The shop sells a wide selection of new and second-hand books, cards and souvenirs. Open 7 days a week.

Tel: +32 (0)57 42 43 20



Belgian Beer

Leffe beer, one of the many hundreds of beers brewed in Belgium.
Glass of Leffe Belgian beer.

Belgium is world-famous for its many varieties of beer. There are over 400 types of Belgian beer. The area west of Ieper and around Poperinge is known for its hopfields. Visitors driving to Ieper from the A25/E42 motorway will follow the N38 to Poperinge crossing the French-Belgian border. In the spring and summer the fields of hops can be seen on both sides of the road.

The Het Sas brewery in Boezinge is believed to date back to the second half of the 17th century. Although records were destroyed by the damage to it in the First World War it is believed to be the oldest brewery in Belgium. One of the famous beers brewed there is Sas Pils.

There are many pubs and cafés in Ieper, some of the most popular with visitors being those in the Grote Markt (market place). For over 90 years Old Soldiers, the early battlefield visitors and pilgrims, and now their families travelling to the Ypres battlefields have gathered in the pubs and pavement cafés on the Grote Markt to chat and reminisce over a beer.

The supermarkets in Ieper will generally stock a selection of local beers.

The Hop Museum in Poperinge may be of interest to individual visitors and groups touring the area. See the contact details and website below:

The Hop Museum, Gasthuisstraat 71, 8970 Poperinge

Telephone: +32(0)57 33 79 22

Fax: +32(0)57 33 58 07



Belgian Chocolate

Belgian chocolates, a very popular gift from Ieper.
Belgian chocolates.

There are chocolate shops in the Grote Markt (market place) offering a range of chocolate and marzipan gifts to suit all budgets.

Peter de Groote Chocolaterie

Grote Markt 43-51

Telephone: +32 (0)57 21 73 06



Leonidas, H de Groote Chocolaterie

Grote Markt 7

Telephone: +32 (0)57 20 69 70



Passendale Cheese

After the First World War the Passendale cheese was originally produced by the Donck family from 1932. This creamy, semi-soft Passendale cheese will be available from local delicatessen shops and should be available in the supermarkets in Ieper.

Visitors to the Ypres Salient are welcome to visit De Oude Kaasmakerij cheese factory at Passendale to learn about the history of this cheese production and to sample the cheese.

Guided tours of the factory are available and also offered in conjuction with a visit to the WW1 Passchendaele Memorial Museum in Zonnebeke. A special package tour can be arranged through the Oude Kaasmakerij to visit the Oude Kaasmakerij cheese factory, the Hop Museum in Poperinge and the chocolatier Vandale.

A bistro at the cheese factory offers meals and refreshments.

De Oude Kaasmakerij, 's Graventafelstraat 48a, 8980 Passendale

Telephone: +32 (0)51/ 77 70 05

Fax: +32 (0)51/ 48 52 20




One of the shopping streets, the Boterstraat, accessible from the western side of the Grote Markt.
The Boterstraat in Ypres.


A branch of Dexia Bank is in the centre of the town on the Meensestraat between the Grote Markt and the Menin Gate Memorial.

Dexia, Meensestraat 29, 8900 Ieper


A branch of ING Bank is in the centre of the town on the Boterstraat, not far from the Cloth Hall.

ING Bank, Boterstraat 2, 8900 Ieper

Telephone: (0)57 22 90 10

Opening hours: Monday - Thursday: 09.00-12.30 and 14.00-16.30; Friday: 09.00-17.00; Saturday: 09.00-12.00

Chemist (Apotheke)

A chemist shop (Pharmacie or Apotheke) is clearly signed with a large green cross on the shop front.

The following two chemists are located in the centre of the town on or near the Grote Markt.

Apotheken De Volksmacht

Apotheken De Volksmacht, Grote Markt 3, 8900 Ieper

Telephone: +32 057/ 20 00 23

Apotheek Julie Debaere

Apotheek Julie Debaere, Diksmuidsestraat 18, 8900 Ieper

Telephone: +32 057/ 20 05 43

Out of Hours Chemist

An emergency number for the location of an out of hours chemist is provided by the Wachtdienst (emergency services) in Ieper: 057 229 999.

Alternatively visit the website at Enter the postcode for the location you are in, e.g. 8900 for Ieper, and click on “zoeken apothekers van wacht”. Click on the town/village you require as appopriate and the map will show the locations of the out of hours chemists in your vicinity. In some cases you will be required to ring the telephone number given above to get the exact location of the chemist shop.


Jules Coomansstraat at the western side of the Cloth Hall and Grote Markt. The GB supermarket is located on the left side just after the cafés.
Jules Coomansstraat in Ypres.


A large Delhaize supermarket with petrol station is located on the main road N8 Marshalkhaiglaan in the north-west part of the city.

Opening times: 08.30 - 20.00 hours; Fridays 08.30 - 21.00 hours


There is a small GB supermarket in the centre of town located on Jules Coomansstraat in the south-west corner of the Vandenpeerboomplein square behind the Cloth Hall.


The Lidl supermarket is located on a small commercial centre estate south of the Lille Gate (Rijselsepoort). Access to the commercial centre is via the westbound carriageway of the Oudstrijderslaan dual carriageway (Ieper southern ring road).

Opening times: Saturday - Thursday: 09.00 - 18.30 hours; Friday: 09.00 - 19.00 hours. Closed Sundays and public holidays.

Locations for Shopping in and around Ieper (Ypres)

The locations shown on the map are for the shops and retail outlets listed above in and around Ieper.

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