Bayernwald German Trenches, Wijtschate, Ypres Salient

Bayernwald German Trench System at Wijtschate
Trench system at Bayernwald.
Trench system at Bayernwald

The Bayernwald Trenches are a carefully restored section of an original German trench system dating from 1916. The reconstruction was carried out in the original trench section under archaeological conditions.

The trench system allows visitors to walk through a significant area of German trenches, which include the following features:

Visitor Information

Shelter building containing information panels.
Bayernwald trenches display building

There are a number of display panels in the area of the trenches and in the small shelter building on the site, which give an overview of the site and which explain some of the trench features in more detail.

There is a bronze diorama of the 7 June 1917 Battle of Messines to help visitors with their orientation at the site.

Access to Bayernwald Trenches

Trenches at Bayernwald
Trench system at Bayernwald

For the protection of the site access to the Bayernwald trenches is by ticket only. The trenches are located inside a secure perimeter fence and gateway. The entrance system has a scanner which reads a barcode and each visitor must have a ticket.

Details for access are as follows:

Tickets can be purchased online via the Heuvelland culture and tourism website address below:

Website: Bayernwald

The site is managed by the Tourist Service of Heuvelland. Enquiries can be made here:

Address: Cultuurdienst, Gemeentehuis De Warande, Bergstraat 24, 8950 Heuvelland (Kemmel)


Telephone: +32 (0)57 45 04 79

Location of Bayernwald Trenches

Bayernwald, Voormezelestraat 2, 8953 Wijtschate

The trench system is located off Vierstraat on the Voormezelestraat, which is a single track tarmac no-through road to the north of the village of Wijtschate (formerly called Wytschaete).

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