In Flanders Fields Museum, Ieper (Ypres)

In Flanders Fields Museum in the Cloth Hall, Ypres.
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In Flanders Fields Museum is located in the famous Cloth Hall (called the Lakenhalle in Flemish) in the centre of Ypres (Ieper). In 1998 the original Ypres Salient Memorial Museum was refurbished and renamed In Flanders Fields Museum.

In Flanders Fields Museum is an award winning museum which has undergone a major refurbishment for the centenary of 1914-1918.

In Flanders Fields museum features the latest technological museum applications, providing visitors with touch screens, video projections, soundscapes and an interactive Poppy Bracelet.

Mirror of History

In Flanders Fields Museum is located inside the Cloth Hall (Lakenhalle) on the market square in the centre of Ieper (Ypres).
In Flanders Fields Museum in the Cloth Hall (Lakenhalle) in the centre of Ieper (Ypres).

The consequences of war is the major theme of the In Flanders Fields Museum. The theme of a mirror is used to inspire visitors to examine how we look into our past; how and why we remember, and how we look at the many other nations which were involved in the Great War of 1914-1918.

Visitors, young and old, are invited to reflect on both the major historical events and the personal stories of individuals, and how the First World War affected the lives of the thousands of people of many different nationalities who were involved in it. Most specifically the museum reflects on the consequences of war for the region of West Flanders and the City of Ypres.

Individuals and their Stories

The museum has always focused on the stories of individuals within the larger picture of the Great War. These personal stories are told through many and varied objects on display, interactive installations and life-like characters.

“Poppy Bracelet”

Display with gas mask in the museum. (1)
In Flanders Fields Museum.

On entry to the museum each visitor will receive a “Poppy Bracelet”. The bracelet contains a microchip which activates the chosen language for the visitor. It also activates the personal story of four individuals as the visitor makes his or her way around the exhibitions.

Educational Activities and School Groups

Education Packages

Medical equipment on display in the In Flanders Fields Museum. (2)
In Flanders Fields museum

Education packages are available for teachers of secondary school age students. The education package provides information for teachers, plus some worksheets, to assist them in the preparation of a visit to the museum and to the Westhoek region.

The package can be downloaded for free.

“Formula” Activities

A range of activities are available including walking itineraries and workshops.

The Names List Project

This is a project to compile a list of all those who died in the Westhoek region as a result of the First World War. Students and school groups can contribute to the work of this project as volunteers.

For further information see the Educational Activities section at the IFF museum website:

Telephone: +32 57 239 452

Website: Education

Website: Reservations

Museum Shop

Shop for In Flanders Fields museum.
In Flanders Fields Museum shop.

A well stocked museum shop sells a wide range of First World War related books and guides, maps, postcards, CDs and gift items.

The shop is situated at the exit of your tour of the In Flanders Fields Museum. There is also access to the museum shop from the Visitor Centre for Ypres and the Westhoek (Tourist Office).

Some items can be purchased online. See the website for further details:

Website: Shop

Museum Café

The In Flanders Fields Museum café offers a range of cooked and cold food. It is located in the Cloth Hall and can be accessed via the Tourist Office separately to the museum. Visitors can relax here with a coffee and cake, take a break for lunch or simply enjoy light snack during a visit to the museum.

The cafe is closed on Mondays.



The Bell Tower

The view in 1990 of Ypres' market place and the Menin Gate photographed from the Bell Tower.
1990 view of Ypres market place from the Bell Tower

The Bell Tower, closed to visitors in recent years, is now re-opened as part of a tour of the refurbished museum. The landscape of the Ypres region is an important theme in the museum and the view from the Bell Tower offers an opportunity to see the Ypres Salient battlefields from a high vantage point.

Visitors are advised that there are 231 steps to climb up to the Bell Tower.

(A visit to the Bell Tower is an optional charge at Euros 2,00 per person.)

Visitor Information for In Flanders Fields Museum

A visit to the museum takes about 2 hours.

Opening Hours

Mule and munitions wagon display at In Flanders Fields Museum. (3)
In Flanders Fields Museum

Last ticket sales for admission to the museum: 1 hour before closing time.

Admission Charges


Group (minimum 15 persons)

To benefit from group rates you MUST book in advance. Payment is in cash or credit card. A service charge will be added for groups wanting to pay by invoice.

Bell Tower Visit

The Bell Tower (Belfry) at the Cloth Hall, re-opened to visitors.
The Bell Tower (Belfry) at the Cloth Hall, Ypres.

A visit to the re-opened Bell Tower is available to visitors for Euros 2,00 per person.

Reservations for Groups

Reservations can be made for groups in advance of a visit. For further details see the Reservations page by email or on an online form on the IFF museum website:

Telephone (office hours): +32 (0)57 239 220

Website: Reservations

Museum Contact Details

In Flanders Fields Museum, Lakenhallen, Grote Markt 34, B 8900 Ieper, Belgium

Telephone: +32 (0)57 239 220



Location of In Flanders Fields Museum

The museum is situated in the Cloth Hall (Lakenhalle) on the market square (Grote Markt) in the centre of the historic city of Ieper, formerly known by the French name of Ypres.

The museum entrance is situated on the southern façade of the Cloth Hall to the right of the entrance to the Tourist Office (Toerisme).

Research Centre for In Flanders Fields Museum

Display at In Flanders Fields museum. (4)
In Flanders Fields Museum.

The Research Centre (formerly called the Documentatiecentrum) is the memory of the museum. It contains over 5,000 books on the First World War, including the collections of the late Dr. Caenepeel and the late Rose Coombs, MBE. The collection consists of books, trench maps, photographs, newspapers, periodicals and original documents.

For information about the collection, online catalogues and how to volunteer to help with archiving the collection, and opening hours see the IFF museum website:

Address: Sint-Maartensplein 3, B-8900 Ypres, Belgium

Telephone: +32 (0) 57 239 450


Website: Research Centre

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Friends of In Flanders Fields Museum

Looking through the fountain to the Kasselrij (Châtellenie) building in the Grote Markt (market square) in Ieper.
Kasselrij/Chatellenie building in Ieper.

Membership of the Friends of In Flanders Fields Museum entitles a member to free entry to the museum, a 10% discount on all products purchased in the shop, free access to the annual nocturne festive event, invitations to the events organized by VIFF and the museums in Ieper.

For information about Vrienden/Friends In Flanders Fields Museum Ieper (VIFF) see the website:


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