Ypres Salient Battles 1918

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Book - Battle for Flanders 1918

The Battle for Flanders: German Defeat on the Lys 1918 (hardback)

by Chris Baker

This book tells of the defence by the Allied Armies in April 1918, against the might of the German Army in its final large-scale attack as part of its Spring Offensive. The Allies had their backs to the wall, and the Germans almost succeeded in breaking through the Allied line in the sector of the Western Front north of Lille and south of Ypres. The German attack encountered difficulties of supply and organization, leading to problems with low morale and an unsuccessful offensive.

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Reconstructed original trench system at Bayernwald near Wijtschate.
German trenches at Bayernwald.

German trench system preserved near Wijtschate.

Bayernwald German Trenches