Ypres Salient Battles 1914

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Book - First Ypres 1914

First Ypres 1914 (paperback)

By David Lomas

This volume covers the first of the trench warfare battles of World War I. In the autumn of 1914 the original British Expeditionary Force made its last stand, aided by French troops, against the advancing German army racing towards the French ports. (Osprey Military Campaign Series)

Book - Ypres First Battle 1914

Ypres: The First Battle 1914 (paperback)

by Ian F.W. Beckett

The battle for Ypres in October and November 1914 represented the last opportunity for open, mobile warfare on the Western Front. In the first study of First Ypres for almost 40 years, Ian Beckett draws on a wide range of sources never previously used to reappraise the conduct of the battle, its significance and its legacy.

Book - The German Army at Ypres 1914

The German Army at Ypres 1914 (hardcover)

by Jack Sheldon

The first complete account of the German Army's battles in the sector of Belgian Flanders in 1914. Jack Sheldon uses material from German military archives in Munich and Stuttgart to provide the perspective of events from the German side.

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One of the sets of triple basalt-lava crosses in Langemark cemetery. The four sculpted figures are seen on the boundary of the cemetery.
One of the sets of triple basalt-lava crosses in Langemark cemetery.

Many of the German soldiers killed in the First Battle of Ypres in the autumn of 1914 are buried or commemorated in the German Military Cemetery at Langemark.

Langemark German cemetery


(1) Despatch by Field-Marshal Sir John French, published in the Second Supplement of The London Gazette issue 28989 of Friday 27 November 1914, the Supplement being dated 30 November 1914, pages 10121-10132.

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