Bibliography of WW1 Reference Books and Documents

The books and documents listed here have been used for reference in the compilation of this website.

13th Battalion Royal Highlanders of Canada 1914 - 1919, by F.C. Fetherstonhaugh, 1925

A Crown of Life: The World of John McCrae, by Dianne Graves, Spellmount Limited, 1997, ISBN 1-873376-86-3

A Higher Form of Killing, The Secret History of Gas and Germ Warfare, by Robert Harris and Jeremy Paxman

An der Somme: Erinnerungen der 12. Infanterie-Division an die Stellungskämpfe und Schlacht an der Somme, Oktober 1915 bis November 1916, Ferd. Dümmlers Verlagsbuchhandlung, Berlin, 1918.

An Illustrated Companion to the First World War, by Anthony Bruce, Michael Joseph Ltd., 1989, ISBN 0-7181-2781-1

Atlas des Nécropoles Nationales, Ministère des Anciens Combattants et Victimes de Guerre, published by La documentation Française, 1994, ISBN: 2-11-002737-1

Before Endeavours Fade, by Rose E B Coombs, MBE, After the Battle Publications, 1990, ISBN 0 900913 61 4

Between Genius and Genocide, Daniel Charles

Canada In Flanders, by Sir Max Aitken M.P., Hodder & Stoughton, 1916

Can't Shoot a Man with a Cold, Colin Campbell and Rosalind Green, Argyll Publishing, 2004, ISBN 1 902831 76 4

Das 3. Oberschlesische Infanterie-Regiment Nr. 62 im Kriege 1914-1918, by H Reymann, Thüringen, 1930

Das 4. Schlesische Infanterie-Regiment Nr. 157 im Frieden und im Kriege 1897-1919, by Generalmajor Guhr, Zeulenroda, Thüringen, 1934

Das 233. Feld-Artillerie-Regiment, by Bruno Adler, Radwitz, Oebisfelde, 1935

Das Königlich Bayerische Reserve-Infanterie-Regiment Nr. 6, von Oberst a.D. Dr Oskar Bezzel, München, 1938

Das Reserve-Infanterie-Regiment Nr. 109 im Weltkrieg 1914 bis 1918, by Georg Frisch, Karlsruhe in Badne, 1931

Das Württembergische Reserve-Feld-Artillerie-Regiment Nr. 26 im Weltkrieg 1914-1918, von Max Klaus, Justizrat und Major a.D., Stuttgart

Das Württembergische Reserve-Infanterie-Regiment Nr. 119 im Weltkrieg 1914-1918, von Matthäus Gerster, Chr. Belsersche Verlagsbuchhandlung, Stuttgart, 1920.

Der Chemische Krieg, Rudolf Hanslian, Mittler & Sohn, Berlin 1927

Der Erste Weltkrieg, Dokumente, Helmut Otto und Karl Schmiedel, Militaerverlag der Deutschen Demokratischen Republik (VEB), Berlin 1977

Der Weltkrieg 1914 bis 1918: Sommer und Herbst 1915, 8. Band. Im Auftrage des Reichskriegsministeriums, Mittler und Sohn, Berlin, 1932

Der Völkerkrieg, Eine Chronik der Ereignisse seit dem 1. Juli 1914, edited by C H Baer, Verlag von Julius Hoffmann, Stuttgart, 1915

Die 79 Infanterie-Division in der Osterschlacht bei Arras, von Joseph Ahlhaus

Die Schlachten und Gefechte des Grossen Krieges 1914-1918, zusammengestellt vom Grossen Generalstab, Hermann Sack, Berlin 1919

The First Great Air War, Richard Townsend Bickers, Hodder & Stoughton, 1988, ISBN 0-34026379-2

For Remembrance, Soldier Poets Who Have Fallen in the War, by A St. John Adcock, Hodder & Stoughton

Gas! The Battle for Ypres, 1915, by James L McWilliams and R James Steel, Vanwell Publishing Ltd., 1985

General Headquarters 1914-1916 and its Critical Decisions, by General Erich von Falkenhayn, (English translation) Hutchinson & Co, London

Geschichte des Infanterie-Regiments von Winterfeldt (2. Oberschlesisches) Nr. 23, by Paul Fiedel, Verlag Gerhard Stalling, Oldenburg, 1929

Geschichte des Reserve-Infanterie-Regiments Nr. 209, by Oberleutnant d. R. a. D. Schulz, Oberstleutnant a. D. Kissler, Leutnant d. R. a. D Schulze, Oldenburg i. O/Berlin, 1930

Geschichte des Reserve-Infanterie-Regiments Nr. 210, by Dr. phil. Günther Gieraths, Gerhard Stalling, Berlin 1928

Geschichte des Reserve-Infanterie-Regiments Nr. 238, by Georg Herbrechtsmeier, Neustadt.

Godenschemering over Ieper: Ieper gezien door de fotografen Léontine, Maurice en Robert Antony, 1893-1930, by Jan Dewilde, 2007, (approximately Euros 38,00). Book about the photographer family Antony from Ypres. Available from the Visitor Centre for Ypres and the Municipal Museums of Ypres.

History of the Great War - Principal Events 1914-1918, HMSO, 1922, ISBN - 0 948 13031 8

Histories of Two Hundred and Fifty-One Divisions of the German Army which Participated in the War (1914-1918), Compiled from records of Intelligence section of the General Staff, American Expeditionary Forces, at General Headquarters, Chaumont, France 1919, (First published 1920), London Stamp Exchange, 1989, ISBN 0-948130-87-3

Ieper in oude prentkaarten, by D Masure, Europese Bibliotheek, Zaltbommel, Nederland, 1972, ISBN 90288 0596 6/CIP

Ieper in Stukken, Op't Perron, Trein en tram in Ieper (Exhibition Catalogue), 9 September - 10 October 2011. Stadsarchief Ieper, Weverijstraat 7, 8900 Ieper, tel. +32 (0)57 239 444, email:

Ieper La Carte - de Ieperse Vestinginen in Kaart Gebracht, von Ann Vanrolleghem, Erfgoedgel Ieper, ISBN 9077025022

In Flanders Fields, The Story of John McCrae, by John F Prescott, The Boston Mills Press, 1985 ISBN 0-919783-07-4

The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Artillery, by Ian V Hogg, Guild Publishing, London, 1987

Königlich Preussisches Reserve-Infanterie-Regiment 213, by Max Tiessen, J J Augustin, Hamburg-New York, 1937

Les Armées Françaises dans la Grande Guerre, Tome II, Troisième Partie

The Macmillan Dictionary of The First World War, by Stephen Pope & Elizabeth-Anne Wheal , Macmillan, 1995, ISBN 0 333 68909 7

Menin Gate & Last Post, by Dominiek Dendooven, De Klaproos Editions, 2001 , (English version) ISBN 90-5508-051-9

Military Operations: France and Belgium 1914, Volume I, compiled by Brigadier-General J E Edmonds, Macmillan and Co. Ltd., London 1922

Military Operations: France and Belgium 1914, Volume II, compiled by Brigadier-General Sir James E. Edmonds, 1925

Military Operations: France and Belgium 1915, Volume I, compiled by Brigadier-General J E Edmonds and Captain G C Wynne, Macmillan and Co. Ltd., London 1927

Military Operations: France and Belgium, 1916, Volume I: Sir Douglas Haig's Command to the 1st July: Battle of the Somme, Brigadier-General Sir James E. Edmonds, 1932

Military Operations: France and Belgium, 1916, Volume II: 2nd July 1916 to the end of the end of the Battles of the Somme, compiled by Captain Wilfrid Miles, with a preface by Brigadier-General Sir James E. Edmonds, 1938

Military Operations: France and Belgium, 1916 Appendices, Volume I

Military Operations: France and Belgium, 1917, Volume II: Messines and Third Ypres (Passchendaele), Brigadier-General Sir James E. Edmonds, 1948

The Miracle Flower, The Story of the Flanders Fields Memorial Poppy, by Moina Michael, Dorrance and Company, Philadelphia, 1941

Official History of the Canadian Forces in The Great War 1914-1919, Volume I, by Colonel A Fortescue Duguid, DSO, BSc, RCA, J O Patenaude, I.S.O., 1938

Official History of the Canadian Forces in The Great War 1914-1919, Volume I, Chronology, Appendices and Maps, J O Patenaude, I.S.O., 1938

Plumer of Messines, by General Sir Charles Harington, GCB, GBE, John Murray, London, 1935

The Poisonous Cloud, Chemical Warfare in the First World War, by Ludwig Fritz Haber, Clarendon Press, Oxford, 1986 (ISBN 0 19 858142-4)

The Reconstruction of Ypres: A Walk Through History, by Dominiek Dendooven and Jan Dewilde, OKV (Openbaar Kunstebezit in Vlaanderen), Published in co-operation with In Flanders Fields Museum and with the financial support of the Province of West-Flanders. Revised and reprinted 2020. Available from the In Flanders Fields Museum shop in person or by mail order. Visit the museum website fore more information:

Website: Museum shop 'On Request'

A Record of the Battles and Engagements of the British Armies in France and Flanders, 1914-1918, by Captain E A James. Originally published in 1924 by Gale & Polden Ltd, Aldershot. Republished in 1990 by The London Stamp Exchange Ltd.

Sagittarius Rising, by Cecil Lewis, first published by Peter Davies in 1936. Third edition 1993, Warner Books, London, ISBN 0 7515 0931 0

Schlachten des Weltkrieges, Somme-Nord I. Teil: Die Brennpunkte der Schlacht im July 1916, Band 20, Bearbeiter: Albrecht von Stosch, Oberstleutnant a. D., damals Major und Bataillonskommandeur im 8. Thüringischen Infanterie-Regiment Nr. 153, Druck und Verlag von Gerhard Stalling, Oldenburg i.O/Berlin 1927

Serre (Somme), by Jack Horsfall & Nigel Cave, Battleground Europe Series, Leo Cooper, 1996, ISBN 0 85052 508 X

St. Julien (Ypres), by Graham Keech, Battleground Europe Series, Leo Cooper, 2001, ISBN 0 85052 839 9

Surgeon with the Kaiser's Army, by Stephen Westman, MD, FRCS, William Kimber, 6 Queen Anne's Gate, London SW1, 1968, p. 57

Tales of Talbot House, Everyman's Club in Poperinghe & Ypres 1915-1918, by P B Clayton, MC, FSA, Chatto & Windus, London, 1919, p. vii

Vesting Ieper, Wandeling in een historisch landschaap, Lieven Stubbe, Dominiek Dendooven, Johan Termote, Philippe Vanderghote, OKV (Openbaar Kunstebezit in Vlaanderen), ISBN 9 789076 099569

Vimy Ridge: Arras, Battleground Europe, by Nigel Cave, Pen & Sword Books (first printed by Leo Cooper), 1996 (ISBN 0 85052 399 0)

War Diary of the 5th Army Corps, DA & QMG for the month of April 1915 dated 30/4/15, ref. WO 95/4048, National Archives, Kew, Surrey, England

War Diary of 5th Battalion Seaforth Highlanders (51st Highland Division), ref. WO95/2866, National Archives, Kew, Surrey, England

War Diary of the 1st Canadian Division, April 1915, ref. WO 95/3716 & 3717, National Archives, Kew, Surrey, England

War Diary of the 3rd Canadian Infantry Brigade, April 1915: Diary of Operations 22nd April to 5th May, 1915 ref. WO 95/3772, National Archives, Kew, Surrey, England

War Diary of the 10th Canadian Battalion, April 1915, ref. WO 95/3770, National Archives, Kew, Surrey, England

War Diary of the 16th Canadian Battalion, April 1915, ref. WO 95/3781, National Archives, Kew, Surrey, England

Ypres and The Battles of Ypres, Illustrated Michelin Guides to the Battlefields (1914-1918), Michelin & Cie, Paris and London, 1920.

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