WW1 Battles of the Aisne, France

View from Chemin des Dames to the south, Aisne

Battle of the Aisne 1914

Battle of the Aisne 1917

Battle of the Aisne 1918

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The Battle on the Aisne 1914: The BEF and the Birth of the Western Front (hardback)

by Jerry Murland

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Cover of Aisne 1914 by Jerry Murland

Aisne 1914 (Battleground Series) (paperback)

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The Nivelle Offensive and the Battle of the Aisne 1917: A Battlefield Guide to the Chemin Des Dames (paperback)

by Andrew Uffindell

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Aisne 1918 (Battleground Series) (paperback)

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Cover of The Last of the Ebb, Aisne 1918 book

The Last of the Ebb: The Battle of the Aisne, 1918 (hardcover)

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Cover of Chemin des Dames 1917 by Yves Buffetaut

The 1917 Spring Offensives: Arras, Vimy, Le Chemin des Dames (hardcover)

by Yves Buffetaut

The book features 300 photographs from archive and private collections. 200 pages. Published by Histoire & Collections (1 Jun 1997). ISBN-10: 290818267X, ISBN-13: 978-2908182675

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Monuments & Memorials on the Aisne & Oise Battlefields