Film of the First World War

British Pathé Archive Film

British Pathé has launched a major collection of archive films taken during the First World War. Preview clips are available to view for free. Films are available to download for a charge, as are stills from the films.

Visit the website for more details and a full list of all the films:

Website: WW1 the definitive collection

EFG1914 (European Film Gateway) 1914 Project

EFG1914 is a digitisation project which started in February 2012. The project focuses on films and non-film material from and related to the First World War 1914-1918. There are 26 partners, including 21 European film archives, who are working towards digitizing over 5,500 films to provide access to them through the European Film Gateway and Europeana.

The films include:

To watch WW1 films, find out about the EFG1914 Project, view the list of WW1 films and Browse Topics visit the website:

Website: 1914 Project

WW1 Viewing to Purchase

DVD cover The Battle of Ypres

The Pathé Collection - The Battle of Ypres (DVD)

For the first time the Battle of Ypres is released on DVD. It is the original 1925 British Instructional Films documentary which re-enacts scenes from the First, Second, Third and Fourth Battles of Ypres in the original battle trenches. DVD release date: 8 November 2010. Run time: 105 mins.

DVD cover The Battle of the Somme 1916

Battle Of The Somme [1916] (DVD)

Digitally remastered film about the Battle of the Somme first produced in 1916. A specially composed musical accompaniment has been written for this silent film. DVD release date: 3 November 2008. Run time: 72 mins.

DVD cover The Great War by the BBC

The Great War - BBC Series 6 Disc Boxset (DVD)

The highly acclaimed series produced by the BBC in the early 1960s. 26 episodes over 17 hours of airtime. DVD release date: 2 Nov 2009. Run time: 1036 mins.

DVD cover First World War by Huw Strachan

The First World War - Complete Series (DVD)

Highly acclaimed series based on the book by Hew Strachan. Narrated by Jonathan Lewis. DVD release date: 1 July 2013. Run time: 500 mins.

DVD cover World War 1 in Colour

World War 1 In Colour - Complete TV Series (DVD)

A Channel 5 documentary series of the war on land, in the air, and at sea. 6 x 50 minute episodes were made in co-operation with the Imperial War Museum, London. The episodes are narrated by Kenneth Branagh. The original black and white archive footage has been colourized. DVD release date: 1 Sept 2003. Run time: 312 mins.

Cover of Beneath Hill 60 DVD

Beneath Hill 60 (DVD)

from the book by Will Davies, starring Steve le Marquand, Chris Haywood. Directed by Jeremy Sims.

The amazing true story of the men in the 1st Australian Tunneling Company, which dug the mine destined as one of the 19 huge mines to be exploded under Hill 60 at the start of the Battle of Messines in the early morning of 7 June 1917. Momentum Pictures Home Entertainment. DVD release date: 11 Oct 2010.

DVD cover First World War Public Information Films

The First World War Collection Public Information Films Of The British Home Front ~ The First World War (DVD)

Trailers and short films made for the coalition government under David Lloyd George. The films were intended to encourage the Civilian Army of Britain on the Home Front to be patriotic and support the men on the Western Front. DVD release date: 9 Sept 2013. Run time: 150 mins.

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