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What can I advertise?

When it comes to advertising on this site, we believe all adverts should show respect and sensitivity to the subject matter. No one likes to see flashing, ‘get-rich-quick’ adverts next to details of a soldier's cemetery. On the other hand, some adverts can provide a genuinely useful service and should be encouraged.

Large advertising services find this subject difficult to cater for and both publishers and advertisers are often left feeling disappointed.

With this in mind we began a direct advertising scheme which allows more control over what adverts are shown and where. If you have a product or service which you want to advertise, and is related to WW1 in some way, we want to hear from you.

Suitable adverts range from hotels or B&Bs near a battlefield, guides and battlefield tours, museums, military history publishers and family history services. If in doubt just ask!

How do I advertise?

  1. Send us an email asking for a quote. (
  2. We turn your photos, logos and text into an advert.
  3. Your advert is listed!

What advert formats do you support?

An example of the same 'Feature' style advert adapting to different sized windows.
The same advert shown adapting to different window widths

You may have noticed pages tend to adapt to the size of browser window.

If we used traditional fixed sized adverts they would look out of place at some screen sizes. The adverts on our pages are also designed to adapt to the available space in the window.

We currently use two types of advert:

Feature size

Feature adverts are generally used on pages which list services. A prime example is the B&B and Self-catering Accommodation on the Somme page. We generally list services for free but this may not help you if you are listed at the bottom of the page. A feature advert is always shown prominently at the top of the page and can't be missed!

Tall size

Tall adverts appear in the navigation column and generally resemble the traditional ‘skyscraper’ advert. Different sections of the site accept different categories of advert and this is one of the ways we can control where your advert appears.

How often does an advert get shown?

We currently run a flat rate system. This means you pay for a period of time during which your advert may be visible on pages of the site. Normally we offer 6 month and 1 year periods.

For any given web page during this period an advert is chosen at random and displayed. If there are several adverts eligible to be shown on the same page then they will each get a fair share of the total number of page impressions.

While it does mean that the more popular a section is with advertisers the less your advert is shown it also means that if a page's popularity suddenly increases dramatically you won't have to pay more for all those extra impressions.

Site statistics

This website has been established since 1998. We are not a commercial website; we run and build up the content on the site in our spare time. Our main focus is to provide information which will be of assistance to people planning visits to the battlefields of the Western Front, an area we have visited and studied for over 30 years. As the website has developed we have included helpful information on First World War related events and museums located outside the battlefield areas, together with educational resources and advice on tracing WW1 ancestors.

We carried out a site renewal from August 2009 which led to a rapid increase in visitors. November is typically our busiest period as many people are reminded of the Great War due to the media covering various aspects of the Armistice. At other times of the year we see peaks of interest from the public if there is a special anniversary or event publicized in the media. The Centenary commemorations for 2014-2018 have certainly led to a dramatic increase in interest for the subject of the First World War. Daily we are receiving enquiries asking for advice and help on all sorts of WW1 related matters.

On 11th November 2014 the site had 107,000 unique visitors on the one day. Unique daily visitors to the site were in the range of 8,000-10,000 per day.

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