WW1 Related Events in Canada & Overseas

Canadian War Museum/Musée Canadien de la Guerre, Ottawa

The museum offers a range of permanent, special, virtual and travelling exhibitions throughout the year. Visit the museum website for What's On and the latest information:

Website: www.warmuseum.ca

Veterans Affairs Canada/Anciens Combattants Canada

Annual and special anniversary commemorative events in Canada and overseas are organized by Veterans Affairs Canada/Anciens Combattants Canada. Listings and information can be found on the organization's website:

Website (English): www.veterans.gc.ca Commemorative Events

Website (French): www.veterans.gc.ca Activités commémoratives

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Virtual WW1 Online Exhibitions

There are a number of virtual WW1 exhibitions available to view online. For links to these you can visit our page at:

Virtual WW1 Exhibitions for Research Online