Somme Battlefield WW1 Events

Wreaths placed at the Thiepval Memorial to the Missing during a commemorative ceremony to mark the anniversary of 1 July 1916 Battle of the Somme.

This page provides information about events related to the First World War taking place on and around the Somme battlefields. Index of listed events:

Remembrance Ceremonies

1 July Remembrance Ceremony, Lochnagar Crater

Children attending the annual 1 July ceremony at Lochnagar Crater on the Somme battlefield.

1 July 2019 at 07.28 hours

Lochnagar Crater Memorial, La Boisselle

An annual remembrance ceremony takes place at the Lochnagar Crater Memorial starting at 7:28am, marking the time when the mine was blown on 1 July 1916.

Members of the public are welcome to attend the ceremony, but are advised that the narrow roads around the Lochnagar Crater Memorial can get busy for this early morning ceremony. It is recommended that vehicles are parked considerately in the area of the village of La Boisselle and that people walk to the memorial.

For details and photos of previous ceremonies, and visit the website for the Friends of Lochnagar:

Website: 1 July Ceremonies

For the location and information about the Lochnagar Crater Memorial on the Somme battlefields go to:

Lochnagar Mine Crater Memorial

Photograph courtesy of The Friends of Lochnagar

1 July Somme Service of Commemoration, Thiepval

Thiepval Memorial to the Missing

1 July 2019, 12.00 hours (11:00 GMT)

Location: Thiepval Memorial to the Missing, Thiepval

Free. Members of the public are very welcome to attend the ceremony.

All Royal British Legion and Service Associations' Standard Bearers are required to muster at the Thiepval Memorial at 10.00 hours. For any enquiries about the parade and ceremony you may contact the RBL Somme Branch by email. See the website link below:

Website: Branches / Somme

For information about the Thiepval Memorial and its location on the Somme battlefields see our page at:

Thiepval Memorial to the Missing

1 July Ceremony of Remembrance, Ulster Tower Memorial

36th Division Memorial, The Ulster Memorial Tower

1 July 2019

Location: 36th (Ulster) Division, Ulster Tower Memorial, near Thiepval

Free. Members of the public are very welcome to attend the ceremony.

A ceremony will take place at the 36th (Ulster) Division Memorial to mark the anniversary of the launch of the Battle of the Somme on 1 July 1916. This is the location where the 36th (Ulster) Division took part in the battle.

Enquiries can be addressed to the Somme Association:


For the location of the Ulster Tower memorial on the Somme battlefields go to:

36th Division Ulster Memorial Tower

11 November Remembrance Day Parade, Thiepval Memorial to the Missing

Thiepval Memorial to the Missing

11 November 2018 at 10.40 hours

Location: Thiepval Memorial to the Missing

Free. Members of the public are very welcome to attend.

The 11 November annual Remembrance Day parade is organized by the Royal British Legion Somme Branch.

For enquiries about the event see the RBL Somme Branch events page at:


11 November Ceremony of Remembrance, Newfoundland Memorial Park

Caribou Memorial at Newfoundland Memorial Park

11 November 2018 at 11.00 hours

Location: Newfoundland Memorial Park, near Beaumont-Hamel

Free. Members of the public are very welcome to attend the ceremony.

An informal ceremony of Remembrance will take place at the Caribou Memorial at Newfoundland Memorial Park.

For enquiries see the Veterans Affairs Canada website:

Website: Beaumont-Hamel Newfoundland Memorial

For the location of the Newfoundland Memorial Park on the Somme battlefields and contact information go to our page:

Newfoundland Memorial Park

Ceremony to Commemorate 51st (Highland) Division

13 November 2018 at 11.00 hours

51st (Highland) Division Flagstaff Memorial, Beaumont Hamel


A short ceremony will be held at the 51st (Highland) Division flagstaff in the centre of Beaumont Hamel. The ceremony is held at the flagstaff each year to mark the centenary of the capture of Beaumont Hamel village by the division on 13 November 1916.

Anyone who would like further details can contact:


For the location of the Flagstaff memorial in the cente of Beaumont Hamel see our page (memorial number 22) at:

Monuments & Memorials on the Somme Battlefields

Memorial Walk

Remembrance Walk for Cecil Healy

1 September 2018, 10.00 - 19.00 hours

Location: Mairie d'Assevillers, 1 rue d'Herbécourt, 80200 Assevillers


For the centenary of 1918 the towns of Péronne and Assevillers will organize a march from Péronne to Assevillers to commemorate the liberation of Péronne. The walk will also especially remember Cecil Healy, the only Australian Olympic champion who died in action.

For information about the Cecil Healy Association and to find out about arrangements for the walk and other Cecil Healy commemorative events you can visit the website:



Telephone: +33 3 22 85 91 38

For information about this and other ANZAC commemorative ceremonies in the Somme region you can visit the The Somme Centenary 2014-2018 website at:


Son et Lumière (Sound & Light Show)

Amiens Cathedral: “Son et Lumière” La Cathédral en Couleurs Light Show

The annual Son et Lumière Light Show at Amiens Cathedral.
Son et Lumiere at Amiens Cathedral.

The tourist board is open during the annual summer “Son et Lumière” light show at the cathedral. The light show lasts for 45 minutes and is on from 15 June to third Sunday in September and 1 December to 1 January. The cathedral website lists the sound and light show under the term “polychromie son et lumière”.

  • June: 22.45 hours
  • July: 22.30 hours
  • August: 22.00 hours
  • September: 21.45 hours
  • 1 Dec - 1 Jan: 19.00 hours

Website: Polychromie sur la cathédrale d'Amiens

Somme Events Programme 2018 at “Ocean Villas”

Museum at Ocean Villas.

Location: Ocean Villas, 10 Rue Delattre, 80560 Auchonvillers, France

Visitors to the Somme battlefields on the Western Front have the opportunity to attend a variety of events arranged by Avril Williams in the village of Auchonvillers, within a short distance of the 1916 British Front Line. There is ample free parking. Groups are welcome.

Events are suitable for all visitors with an interest in the Great War on the 1914-1918 Western Front. Places can be reserved. Go to the Ocean Villas website for more information and booking:


  • Wednesday 14 November: The 51st Highland Division at Beaumont Hamel. Presenter: Derek Bird.

“Ocean Villas” Venue

Ocean Villas Tea Rooms
Ocean Villas Tea Rooms.

“Ocean Villas” is a popular destination for visitors to the Somme battlefields. Run by Avril Williams and her family for over 25 years “Ocean Villas” is one of the founding members of the Somme Battlefields Partners. It comprises numerous facilities for visitors including:

  • Tea Rooms with hot and cold meals for individuals and groups
  • bed and breakfast accommodation
  • a 140 seat centre (available for hire) for conferences, seminars and learning with licensed bar, kitchen, shower and toilet facilities
  • a WW1 and WW2 museum collection
  • a section of original British trench in the process of being restored.

For further information contact Avril Williams by telephone or email or go to the Ocean Villas website.

Telephone: +33 3 22 76 23 66



Somme Events: WW1 Centenary Website &

A website launched by the Conseil général de la Somme (Somme tourisme). The site includes information about a variety of events taking place throughout the 2014-2018 centenary in the region of the Somme battlefields. There is also information about visiting the battlefields for individuals, groups and students, and the Circuit du Souvenir route of battlefield sites.

Website: French

Website: English

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Remains of trenches at Newfoundland Memorial Park on the Somme battlefields.
Remains of trenches at Newfoundland Memorial Park on the Somme battlefields.

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