Historial de la Grande Guerre, Péronne, Somme Battlefields, France

Entrance to the Historial de la Grande Guerre.
Historial de la Grande Guerre

The Historial de la Grande Guerre museum was opened on 1st August 1992. It is an international museum of comparative history, attracting over 80,000 visitors a year. All presentations are made in three languages — French, English and German — to show the experiences of the major participants in the First World War and the impact of this conflict on the 20th century. The museum's displays and films aim to show the visitor not only what life was like for the soldier in the front line trenches, but also how he lived behind the trench lines. The effect of the Great War on the civilian populations who were occupied by an enemy force or were forced to flee their homes is an important part of the museum's exhibitions.

Resources for visitors include:

Documentation Centre

The Documentation Centre is open by appointment from Monday to Friday between 09.00 hours to 12.00 hours and 14.00 hours to 17.00 hours. Entry is free. The Documentation Centre contains archives, photographs, postcards, brochures and other documents on the Great War. There is a library of over 4,000 books, and pamphlets and periodicals. The Centre aims to provide an international approach to the study of the military, political and cultural history of the Great War and its aftermath.

Educational Outreach Department

Exhibition galleries at the Historial de la Grande Guerre.
Exhibition galleries at the Historial de la Grande Guerre

The Educational Outreach Department is composed of a multidisciplinary team of educators (high school teachers in literature, fine arts, German, English, history and geography, as well as elementary school teachers). The department offers an introduction to the Historial through pedagogical tools, varied approaches and teacher training.

Telephone +33 (0)3 22 83 54 14

International Research Centre

The advisory committee of historians responsible for elaborating the programme of the Historial has given rise to an international Research Centre, operating independently of the museum. This association ensures the promotion of historical research on the First World War through different means: organisation of international conferences, Publications, Fellowships.

Telephone +33 (0)3 22 83 54 13

Temporary Exhbitions, Conferences and Events

The museum organizes a programme of events and exhibitions each year. Subjects are examined from the historical, artistic and literary perspective. For the latest information and dates visit the museum website at Historial de la Grande Guerre.

Visitor Information


The Historial is located in the centre of Péronne. There is car parking nearby.

Opening Hours

Daily 10.00 - 18.00 hours.

From mid December to mid January: The museum is closed.




Group Visits

The Historial Group Programmes Department can provide information and reservations for group visits.

Email: info@historial.org

Contact Information

Historial de la Grande Guerre, Chateau de Péronne - BP 63, 80201 Péronne Cedex, France

Telephone +33 (0)3 22 83 14 18

Fax +33 (0)3 22 83 54 18

Email info@historial.org

Web site www.historial.org


The museum is located in the centre of Péronne. There is parking near to the museum.

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