Accommodation on and around the Somme Battlefields

View across the landscape of the Somme at Le Hamel.

The battlefields of the Somme in northern France are in a rural location. They are, nevertheless, within an easy 40 minute drive of the cities of Arras in the north or Amiens in the south. Both of these cities offer a good number of hotels to suit all budgets, together with the types of restaurants and shops that one would expect to find in a French city.

View of Chipilly village with one of the many lakes on the banks of the River Somme.
View of Chipilly village on the banks of the River Somme.

For visitors wanting to stay in close proximity to the Somme battlefields, to enjoy the tranquility of the rolling countryside and the convenience of staying close to the battlefield sites, there are a number of bed & breakfast and self-catering lodgings, hotels and campsites available in the area.

The local towns of Albert and Bapaume, famous names to those familiar with the Battles of the Somme, offer a limited number of hotels, restaurants and shops.

The River Somme in this area is a well-known country weekend destination for French people, with holiday cottages located along the river's edge. The marshy areas and lakes on the river, known as Marais, are popular with fishermen and are a haven for riverside wildlife. There are a number of campsites in this region, many of which are situated close to the River Somme.

Listings and Location of Somme Accommodation

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Aerial view of the huge Lochnagar Crater, now a memorial site, blown at the start of the British offensive on 1st July 1916.
Aerial view of the Lochnagar Crater.

Cafés and Restaurants on the Somme Battlefields

Cafés and Restaurants on the Somme Battlefields

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