51st (Highland) Division Memorial

51st Highland Division Memorial
The 51st Division Memorial.
51st (Highland) Division Memorial

On 13th November 1916 the village of Beaumont Hamel was attacked and captured by the 51st (Highland) Division.

The 51st Highland Division memorial was unveiled in 1924 and is a sculpted statue of a Scottish soldier in his kilt. He looks across the landscape over the Y Ravine and beyond the German Front Line where this successful action broke through.

The Sculptor

Detail of the Scottish soldier sculpted for the 51st Division Memorial.
Detail of 51st (Highland) Division Memorial

The sculptor was George Harry Paulin, A.R.S.A.,F.R.B.S. (1888-1962). The title of the sculpture was “Bronze Statuette - Memorial to 51st Highland Division at Beaumont Hamel 1924”.┬áThe model for the sculpture was a Company Sergeant Major in the Division.


Latitude N 50° 4' 41" ; Longitude E 2° 39' 2 "

The memorial is located in the grounds of the Newfoundland Memorial Park.


Access to the memorial is by entering Newfoundland Memorial Park. It is at the far end of the park. The Memorial Park is open daily at all hours.

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