2014-2018 Centenary Events in Australia

There will be events specifically arranged to mark the centenary of the First World War in Australia.

Centenary at the Australian War Memorial

The AWM will be commemorating the centenary of the First World War with a major redevelopment of its First World War exhibition galleries. There will be events and public programs. For information to commemorate the centenary, find out how you can participate, and to get up to date news you can visit this website:

Website: www.awm.gov.au/1914-1918

WW1 Archives' Programme

Our/Your War Stories

Collections in the New South Wales State Library, brought together in themes to reflect Australia's experience of war. Themes include daily life at the fighting front, love and friendship, children in war, and entertainment for the troops. The collections of archive material include diaries, letters, newspapers, posters and photographs.

The library is interested to hear from anyone who may be able to add to the collection or can give additional detail to the stories, photos and mementoes already held there. See the website to find out more about the collections and how you can contribute.

Website: www1.sl.nsw.gov.au

ANZAC Day Events in Belgium & France

For details of events arranged to commemorate Anzac Day on the Western Front (Polygon Wood, Bullecourt and Villers Bretonneux) you can visit the Australian Government Department of Veterans' Affairs:

Website: www.dva.gov.au Anzac Day Ceremonies Overseas

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The Australian Remembrance Trail: France and Belgium

Australian visitors may be interested to see a website established by the Australian Government which provides information about the major sites to visit in France and Belgium where the Australian forces fought and where they are commemorated.

Website: www.ww1westernfront.gov.au Australian Remembrance Trail

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Villers-Bretonneux Australian Memorial to the Missing on the Somme 1918 battlefield.
Villers-Bretonneux Australian Memorial to the Missing

Villers-Bretonneux Australian National Memorial

Villers-Bretonneux Australian National Memorial