2014-2018 Centenary Events in New Zealand

Poppy on the WW1 battlefields.

There will be events specifically arranged to mark the centenary of the First World War in New Zealand and relating to NZ forces.

ANZAC Day & Commemorations in France & Belgium

For information about commemorative ceremonies see the information on the NZ Government website:

Website: ww100.govt.nz International Commemorations

Canterbury 100

Visit this website to find out about the stories of Canterbury and its people at home and at war in 1914-1918.

Website: www.canterbury100.org.nz

Women of Empire Travelling Exhibition

The Women of Empire exhibition pays tribute to the women of the First World War. It features the lives of thirty women. From 2016 the exhibition will also feature women from India, Canada, South Africa. The exhibition was officially launched at the National Wood Museum in Geelong, Victoria.

For more information, for gallery photos at previous venues, for future venues and exhibition dates visit the website:

Website: www.womenofempire.com

WW100 New Zealand

For information on official events in New Zealand to commemorate the centenary, find out how you can participate, and to get the latest news you can visit this website:

Website: ww100.govt.nz

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New Zealand Memorial at Buttes New British Cemetery Polygon Wood, Ypres Salient, Belgium
New Zealand Memorial at Buttes New Cemetery, Polygon Wood

Buttes New British Cemetery (New Zealand) Memorial

See our page about this memorial in Belgium, commemorating over 370 officers and men:

Buttes New British Cemetery (New Zealand) Memorial