2014-2018 Centenary Events in the United Kingdom

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During the year there are numerous regular events held in Belgium to commemorate battle actions and anniversaries on the WW1 battlefields of the Western Front. In addition to the regular events there will be events specifically arranged to mark the centenary of the First World War. See our pages for more information.

2014-2018 Centenary Websites

BBC: World War One

Explore the WW1 section of the BBC website to find a wide range of things to do, BBC radio and BBC TV programmes, and much more.

Website: www.bbc.co.uk/ww1

Centenary 2014-18: The Western Front Association

A website provided by The Western Front Association to focus on the many and varied events, news items and matters of interest during the commemorations for the First World War Centenary.

Website: www.firstworldwarcentenary.co.uk

Centenary Events Co-ordination: Imperial War Museum

The Imperial War Museum has set up a website to co-ordinate a listing of the international events and resources which will be marking 100 years since the outbreak of The Great War. The website includes podcasts, latest news and projects.

Website: www.1914.org


An excellent website full of cultural news, listings and events for a wide range of subjects. A section of the website is dedicated to the First World War and includes lots of up to date information about all sorts of events and exhibitions for the 2014 -2018 centenary of the First World War.

See the website for more information:

Website: www.culture24.org.uk First World War

Events in the United Kingdom

WW1 Related Events in the United Kingdom