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Cover of Over the Top book

Over the Top: A Digger's Story of the Western Front

by H G Hartnett

Henry George Hartnett enlisted in the Australian Imperial Force in September 1915. He saw action at the Battle of Fromelles and the Battle of the Somme 1916, where he was badly wounded. On his recovery he rejoined his battalion on the Western Front. This is a highly recommended book. 348 pages. Published by Allen & Unwin (1 Nov 2012), ISBN-10: 9781742375953; ISBN-13: 978-1742375953

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Museums for Australian Forces on the Western Front

The Franco-Australian Museum, Villers-Bretonneux.
Franco-Australian Museum

Franco-Australian Museum, Villers Bretonneux

Jean & Denise Letaille Museum — Bullecourt 1917

Australian WW1 Military Records

Australian WW1 Military Service Records

Official History of Australia in the War of 1914-1918 (Australian Official History)

Australian National Memorial on the Western Front

Villers-Bretonneux Memorial, France.
Villers-Bretonneux Memorial

Villers-Bretonneux Memorial, France