Monuments and Memorials in French Flanders and Artois, France

The 1914-1918 battlefield area of French Flanders and Artois lies to the south of the Ypres Salient battlefields from the French-Belgian border to the south and east of Arras. In addition to the many cemeteries in the area there are memorials and monuments to commemorate those casualties who have no known grave, and particular military units which saw action in this region.

This list gives the locations of some of the more well known monuments and memorials in this battlefield sector.

Further Reading

Book - Silent Cities: An Illustrated Guide to the War Cemeteries & Memorials to the Missing in France & Flanders 1914-1918

The Silent Cities

An Illustrated Guide to the War Cemeteries & Memorials to the Missing in France & Flanders 1914-1918 by Sidney C. Hurst

Book cover for Remembered.


The History of the Commonwealth War Graves Commission by Julie Summers, Brian Harris and Ian Hislop

Features images by award winning photographer Brian Harris, never before seen photographs from the Commission's own archives and a new history of the Commission by renowned author Julie Summers.

Book cover On Fame's Eternal Camping Ground.

On Fame's Eternal Camping Ground

A Study of First World War Epitaphs in the British Cemeteries of the Western Front by Trefor Jones

Based on five years' research, this book presents more than 1,500 epitaphs on First World War headstones in the cemeteries of Belgium and France. These tributes to young sons, husbands and brothers of that lost generation, buried far from home, provide an eloquent and moving demonstration of the power and beauty of language.

Book cover Lutyens and the Great War.

Lutyens and the Great War

by Tim Skelton & Gerald Gliddon

Sir Edwin Lutyens did many works in connection with the the First World War; Thiepval memorial on the Somme for example. This book describes the variety of these moving works and the stories behind them.

Book cover The Unending Vigil.

The Unending Vigil

This book by Philip Longworth tells the Commission's story from its beginnings on the Western Front during the First World War under the direction of Fabian Ware, describing the contribution made by the architects, sculptors, engineers, horticulturalists and men of letters who combined to create the war cemeteries and memorials that are so familiar today.

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