Ypres Salient map highlighting the area at Zillebeke where the British launched an attack on the German XV Corps line, starting the Battle for Hill 60.The British attack at Hill 60, Zillebeke

17 April 1915

At 7.05pm on 17th April, two pairs of mines and one single mine were exploded by the British under the German front line south-east of Ypres. Following the explosion of the mines, Major J F Joslin led a Company of the Royal West Kents into the German position.

The German commanders were very afraid that the gas cylinders dug into in the German XV. Corps frontline trench would be discovered and desperate attempts were made by the Germans to expel the British. Furious counter-attacks by the Germans took place during the next four days.

Several British battalions fought on the Battle for Hill 60 and casualties were high. During this fighting four Victoria Crosses were won.

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