Ypres Salient map highlighting the Canadian 1st Division Front Line and rear area.A company of Canadian 7th Battalion moves from 2nd Brigade reserve

22 April 1915: 17.30

At the time of the German attack the 7th Canadian Battalion (of the 1st Canadian Division) was located at Wieltje as the reserve battalion in support of the 2nd Canadian Brigade.

Map showing the 7th Canadian Battalion moving forward from 2nd Brigade reserve.

Captain J W Warden was commanding the rearward company (1st Company) of the 7th Battalion billeted in Wieltje. At 5.30pm, when the bombardment was still at its height and the first Algerians began to drift through Wieltje, Captain Warden ordered his men to fall in and march to battalion headquarters at Spree Farm, 1,100 metres south-east of St. Julien.

Once there he was ordered to go to the support of the French troops who were falling back. Moving north-westwards in extended order about fifty Turcos joined his men and the line advanced north of Vanheule Farm to about 100 metres across the Wieltje-St. Julien road. There the men lay down while the company commander, Captain Warden, went forward to reconnoitre.

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