Ypres Salient map highlighting the Front Line held by the French on 22 April 1915.Order of Battle of the French Army Détachement d'Armée de Belgique (D.A.B)

22 April 1915

Order of Battle for 22nd April 1915

Commander: General Putz

Chief of Staff: Colonel Desticker

This Détachement of the French Army had existed by this name from 22 October to 16 November 1914. From 16 November 1914 to 4 April 1915 it had been named the French Eighth Army, but from 4th April to 22nd May 1915 it was again named the Détachement d'Armée de Belgique. After 22nd May 1915 it was renamed XXXVI. Corps.

By 22nd April the Détachement d'Armée de Belgique was holding the front line between the Belgian coast and Steenstraat (north of Ypres). It had been divided into two army groups:

Located between the Groupement de Nieuport on the Belgian coast and the Groupement d'Elverdinghe north of Ypres were divisions of the Belgian Army holding about 15 kilometres of the front line.

The front line held by the French Army north of Ypres on 22nd April 1915 covered a distance of about 9 kilometres. From its junction with the Belgian Army at Steenstraat on the Yser Canal the line continued from the eastern canal bank in an easterly direction to the Ypres-Poelcappelle road, where it met the left wing of the British Second Army, namely the 1st Canadian Division.

Forming the northern part of the Allied line as it bulged into the Ypres Salient, the French front line sector faced north and was at right angles to the general direction of the north-south Allied front line in Flanders.

Groupement d'Elverdinghe

Commander: General Quiquandon

The Groupement d'Elverdinghe was effective from 17 April with the incoming divisional commander of the 45th Algerian Division appointed to command it.

The composition of the group was the 87th Territorial Division and the 45th Algerian Division, with five companies of the Belgian Army also attached.

On the morning of 22nd April there were two French divisions in the front line. From west to east they were:

87th Territorial Division

Commander: General Roy

Troops in the division were composed of:

Front Line Position

Second Position

Détachement reserve

The 45th (Algerian) Division

Commander: General Quiquandon

Troops in the division were composed of

Front Line Position

Three battalions of 90th Brigade:

Second Position

The second position in the French sector was located about 2 kilometres from the front line and was a continuation of the G.H.Q. Line. It was not continuous but consisted of strongpoints covering Pilckem and Het Sas on the Yser canal.

Third Position

Groupement d'Elverdinghe Reserve

Three battalions were placed in reserve for the group:


According to General Quiquandon's orders of 16th April the artillery was positioned as follows.

Front Line Sector

Three groups, under the command of the lieutenant-colonel acting as commandant of the 45th Algerian Division billet headquarters in Boesinghe.

Rear Sector


Escadrille M.F. 35 based north-east of Poperinghe.

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