Ypres Salient map highlighting the Canadian 1st Division Front Line and rear area.Canadian 2nd Brigade reports some heavy shelling

22 April 1915: 17.25

At 5.25pm the 2nd Canadian Brigade wired a message to the 1st Canadian Division headquarters at Chateau des Trois Tours, Brielen. The message confirmed they were not being attacked on their front line, but their rear support areas were under German artillery fire:

Map of the Ypres Salient to show the location of the 1st Canadian Division at 5pm on 22 April 1915.

“Situation report aaa Section 1 situation normal aaa Section 2 fairly heavily shelled after 2.15pm some shells melonite aaa Heavy bombardment and rapid rifle fire heard on our left at 5pm aaa shells bursting near Report centre 5.15pm” (1)

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(1) War Diary of 1st Canadian Division, April 1915 Appendices: ref. WO95/3717