Ypres Salient map showing the location where the German troops were preparing for the attack on the French Front Line.German troops move into the battle zone for the attack

14 April 1915

During the night of 14th/15th April hundreds of troops in the German 4th Army were ordered to “Stand To” in readiness to make an attack on the Allied line. This was to be the first of three attempts by the German Army to launch the attack following the emission of gas.

Map of the area in the north part of the Ypres Salient where the German troops were stood to and formed up for the attack on 14 to 15 April 1915.

Every road leading towards the German front line was packed full of troops and columns. The history of 238. Reserve-Infanterie-Regiment writes that its companies were in reserve north of the Houthulst Forest. They made their way in the darkness to the battle zone, marching forward via Houthulst village and through the Houthulst Forest to Mangelaare.

However, as the day began to break on 15th April the regiment was ordered to withdraw and return to billets in the rear because the favourable wind had changed direction.

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